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3x your sales team without making a hire.

More time to hire, onboard & ramp in-house
Annual turnover for in-house hires
Avg. annual cost per FTE, for in-house hires

Raised a $3 million seed round of funding using SellX

"A modern talent platform for companies looking to stay ahead of the competition."
Oscar Mattsson
Founder & CEO, Launch

Set goals. Achieve results. Growth at the push of a button.

Generate & qualify leads faster by launching custom campaigns. Leverage pre-vetted remote sales talent through the SellX network.

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Track performance & manage payments

Fully customizable campaigns

Reach your revenue goals

Access the best remote sales talent

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Lead Generation

Our reps will build a list of your ideal customer profile (ICP) that fits your targeting needs.

Inbound Sales

Add leads that know your brand, we'll connect with them, based on how you want to interact.

Outbound Sales

Our reps will interact with cold leads to gauge their interest in your product or service.

Control your outreach.
Track every interaction at every step.

Engage with more personalized interactions across the customer journey — from generated lead to customer ready.

Customized sequences

Omni-channel engagement

Real-time insights & analytics

Optimized perfomance and results

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Intelligent calling with recordings and transcriptions so no deals ever fall through the cracks.


Supercharged email outreach that always feels personalized no matter if it's one to one or one to all.


Reach your customers on the social platforms they spend time on to get the highest engagement.


Create tasks that are custom and unique to your outreach strategy.


We partner and integrate with the best tools so you can reach your customers like no one else.


in beta

No annoying spam messages — just personalized texting with leads and customers to drive value.

Understand your data to maximize performance.

Filter out the noise and focus on the information that matters. Your Pipeline. Your Revenue.

Your core tools, connected.

First party integrations to keep your activities in sync, designed with cross compatibility in mind.

The future of work is here.





Hiring & onboarding
Pre-vetted talent
Talent quality
Top 1%
Results based
Fixed / Upfront
Fixed / Hourly
Integrated platform
Work directly with talent

Top leaders hit their goals faster with SellX.

Arm your team with the ultimate growth hack. Replicate your best reps and expand your team faster than ever before. Manage and monitor your team or hand the keys over to the SellX team to run point on your campaigns. We get it, your day is busy enough.

Clone your best SDRs or their process in order to maximize results Use data and analytics to understand what’s working and what’s not to help you drive strategic initiatives, innovate sequences in real time, predictably generate revenue, and scale your SDR organization.

Far too often, marketing teams aren't involved in sales motions nor do they have access to individuals that can be equipped to handle to outreach work on a teams behalf. With SellX your access to an outreach team has never been easier.  

There's no better way to connect with many candidates at a fast pace.  Reps on SellX will discover as many candidates as you need in any role with our lead generation campaign and will easily connect with them in cold qualifying campaigns to gauge their interest in the roles you're looking to fill.

As a customer success manager, you have three main goals — adoption, retention, and exploration. The SellX platform allows for sales teams to maximize their sales processes through the use of data and analytics. We work with our customers to A/B test sequences, email messaging, and call scripts in order to develop the most efficient sales strategy and playbook possible.  We work with you to uncover underutilization and customer pain points within your sales process and messaging.

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