We prefer quality,
over quantity.

No promise of thousands of mixed-quality freelancers. Just highly vetted SDR/BDRs who are proven to deliver quality results like no other.  

Each applicant goes through an in-depth vetting process before gaining access our network.

Candidates are interviewed to ensure they possess the skills & drive we require. Reps on the platform have worked with or been trained at leading companies around the world.

01 / Apply

Interested reps will submit an application, introducing themselves to our team.

02 / Screening

The dating period.  We will discover if there's a mutual fit before taking the relationship to the next step.

03 / Skills

Got game? Reps show off their skills to our team which allows us to understand if they have what it takes to be an MVP.

04 / behavioral

We want to understand the motivation behind the rep. This evaluation will help us understand their values, resilience, and confidence.

05 / final

We will open the floor to the rep to ask any & all final questions. Our team will address any final concern, if any, before extending an offer.

06 / onboard

Our team will make sure reps hit the ground running through our proven onboarding program.

How we ensure proper vetting & successful outcomes

Reliability matrix

Rep profiles are smartly positioned based on experience and company scale, allowing SDR resources to be appropriately aligned for mutual success.


Organizations are provided measurable SDR performance metrics, giving management visibility into daily operations and tasks.

Reputation score

Reputation is the best indicator of individual rep accomplishments on the SellX platform. Reps build their scores to unlock new campaign opportunities, increased bonuses, perks & prizes.

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