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Wow this is next level  🤯  Do you know how many times I've sent emails without realizing the tag was missing?  😂   Life saver!
Christian K.
PRev. SF Ventures
SellX power dialer

Individualized email Sending & warm up

Not to be confused with traditional bulk emailers used in many marketing tools, our Smart Emailer sends emails on an individualized basis so reputation is not harmed, avoiding spam folders!

spot errors in an instant.

Mass sending of {{company_name}} tag, now a thing of the past!  Spot missing data attributes & get tipped off if messaging may trigger spam filters.

SellX call recordings
SellX lead tracking

Sequence clarity & focus.

Stay focused on one campaign at a time and quickly move to the next when you’re ready. Always know at which step you’re working in the sequence.

*in beta

personalizeD at scale with AI, gpt-4

Dynamically craft personalized content per lead, based on hundreds of variables pulled from the data & information you already have!

SellX bulk emailer

Frequently asked questions

What is a bulk emailer?

Does bulk sending mean all emails will be sent all at once?

Will bulk email risk my email reputation?

Will bulk email help my email reputation?

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