Decision Maker

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The decision maker is the person who makes the final decision about a purchase or the need to secure a service.

The decision maker in a B2B sale is typically a buying company's C-suite member. This person will have the authority to sign the check or approve the purchase without further consultation.

The closer you are to talking with the decision-maker, the more likely you are to close the sale.

How to get to the decision maker?

Having the ability to find, reach, and persuade a decision maker is one of the best attributes of successful sales professionals.

The biggest challenge for many sales reps is finding the right decision maker to speak with. Your sales negotiation pitch may be flawless, but if you are engaging with the wrong person, you may fail to make a sale.

One of the most effective tips for reaching the decision-maker is to do your homework. What we mean by that is before contacting a company, research who would most likely be the decision maker and any potential gatekeepers.