Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content.

It involves the planning, creation, distribution, sharing, and publication of content through channels such as social media, blogs, websites, podcasts, apps, press releases, and print publications.

Ultimately, the goal is to reach your target audience and increase brand awareness, sales, engagement, and loyalty.

How does content marketing drives sales?

Having a content marketing strategy with quality content (for example writing, resources, newsletters, videos, even podcasts) will keep consumers coming back.

Modern buyers recognize advertisements, and most of the time they aren't interested in sales pitches.

Content marketing solves this problem by creating value before buyers make a purchase -- sometimes even before they consider buying.Content that answers buyers' questions, addresses pain points, or provides relevant information is content buyers want to read. People who are ready to make a purchase are more likely to feel attracted to brands that provide useful and insightful content.

In short, content marketing supports sales goals by:

- Attracting relevant buyers to your website

- Providing vital information to leads

- Enhancing brand recognition and recall

- Establishing authority and thought leadership

- Increasing buyer engagement with your brand

- Providing a personalized buying experience

Which type of content marketing is best?

Spoiler Alert: There is no "best type" of content marketing.

A program for inbound marketing can benefit from some forms of content marketing. ABM initiatives often include other formats as a crucial part of the strategy. Similar to how some information automatically aids your sales force.

Additionally, some content formats are more appropriate for specific phases of the client journey than others. A strong understanding of this helps you reach your prospects at each point in their buyer's journey by utilizing several content types.