CTA (Call to action)

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A call to action is any button or hyperlink that indicates the next step your audience needs to take in your sales funnel. CTAs should be clearly visible for users to see the route to purchase or sign up.

A strong call to action should eliminate decision fatigue, direct your audience and improve conversions.

CTAs: what makes them effective?

A/B tests are often helpful in developing the best call to action content.

Outstanding design: It is extremely effective for attracting user attention to use bright-colored buttons or links that contrast with the page design

Optimal placement: In order to get visitors to take action, call to action content must be the most prominent thing on the page. The location of the CTA should command attention.

Clear benefits: Effective CTAs are benefit-oriented. Describe the benefits of completing a particular transaction.

Actionable text: Text with action-oriented language promotes conversions.

Concise: Calls to action should be short enough to fit into a button format. Stick to five words or less.