Sales Enablement

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What is sales enablement? The process of providing your sales team with the resources they need to close more deals is known as sales enablement. This includes content, tools, knowledge, and information that are necessary for effectively marketing your product or service.

How does sales enablement work?

Sales enablement improves a revenue organization's performance by helping reps consistently and appropriately engage with prospects throughout the buyer’s journey.

By providing a world-class experience, sales enablement enables well-trained client-facing staff to engage buyer stakeholders at the right time and place, and to use the right technologies to improve sales performance while gaining closer cooperation between departments.

Activities in a company can include, but are not limited to:

- Rep onboarding and continuous learning activities

- Sales asset and training content creation

- Implementation of internal sales coaching

- Communications

- Management of sales tools

- Measurement and reporting

Why is sales enablement important?

Sales enablement empowers salespeople to conduct more effective sales activities, which ultimately improves results.

Sales enablement enhances a company's selling motion so that its qualified pipeline grows, opportunities progress, and sales are won more efficiently.

What are sales enablement tools?

A sales enablement tool is any technology that helps a revenue organization improve the efficiency of the sales process and achieve its corporate objectives.

Modern sales organizations benefit from a variety of types of tech. The tools are adopted for one common purpose: to make the process more scalable and efficient and for anyone working in or managing the sales function.

Categories of sales enablement tools include:

- Sales Content Management

- Video Coaching

- Sales Engagement

- Sales Intelligence

- Account Planning


- Sales Management