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SalesHive & SellX have partnered to offer select companies a way to build pipeline at a lower cost, with freelance sales reps, controlled by you.

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SellX power dialer

experienced freelance sales reps.

Starting at $1,999/mo. per hired rep, plus commission, is the easiest way to spin up a sales team to build your pipeline.

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A fully equipped sales platform.

At its core, our software is used to do outreach. Complete with a dialer, emailer, sequence builder and integrated analytics to track work being done.

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SellX call recordings
SellX lead tracking

Integrate your core tools.

Connect CRM tools like Salesforce & Hubspot. Calendars like Chilipiper & Calendly and your domain for reps to easily adapt to when doing full scale outreach.

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invite your internal sales team.

Thats right!  Your internal team can join the fun! Cut your overall costs allowing your in-house team and extended team to work on the same platform! No seat minimums. No implementation fees!

SellX bulk emailer

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